Welcome to the Streetsville Tigers Hockey Club

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome all our new and returning players, parents and coaches to the Tigers. Our goal is to have a hockey program where you and your child will have fun. As we say in our mission statement;

We dedicate ourselves to the youth of our community by providing an enjoyable opportunity to participate in amateur hockey for the recreational “AA” player. We are committed to the development of good sportsmanship based on respect for all participants, adherence to rules and leading by example.

The mission statement along with our motto Tigers hockey . . . just for the fun of it! guides our decisions concerning the direction of the Tigers. We have put together an extensive package of rules of operations and policies to assist our players, coaches and parents to understand what is expected of everyone. These rules and policies, as well as the Tiger’s constitution are available on the Tigers web site:


Please take the time to stop by and read them. The site is full of helpful information about the Tigers and their history.

This season the Club is supplying each player with a Shock Box helmet monitor to help track the number of hits the player received and the severity of the impact. It is are hope that this measure will enhance player safety.

Frank & I both look forward to seeing you at the rink and we wish you and your child an enjoyable season. 

Thanks for choosing the Tigers.

Neil Painchaud      Frank Trachsler
President       General Manager
Tigers Parent's Site